The Attack On Breastfeeding

Are We Going Backwards Or What? In 1977, Sesame Street, a children’s show that is still popular today, featured a segment in which guest star Buffy Sainte-Marie nursed her son and had a conversation about it with one of the show’s characters. According to her, breastfeeding is a way many mothers-not all, but many-feed their babies. She explained the process in a way that was geared for the understanding of children. When she was done, the character Big Bird responded, “That’s nice.” You can watch the video here: Only Children


Food Banks: Help Up Or Handout?

Necessary Evil For some (perhaps more than any of us realizes), relying on food banks to provide food, or supplement what is provided by a dwindling income, is a necessary evil. I say evil because of the stigma that surrounds those who require these services. Though most of us would say we have nothing but sympathy and support for those who have fallen on hard times, the general message is still that there is no small amount of shame that surrounds asking for charity. Because they are completely reliant on

Women, Please Vote!

The Politics Of Our Time Canadians will go to the polls in a couple of days and I will be among them. My daughter actually preempted me by casting her vote in the advance polls last Monday – Thanksgiving Day. As I admitted on my Facebook page and personal profile, I did not exercise my franchise in the last federal elections. My adolescent years in Jamaica were very much focussed on women and voting, politics in general and international affairs. However, my life a few years ago was in somewhat


Pakistan Taboo: Palace or Prison?

Women At The ‘Top’ Of The Sex Trade For those who did not read my last post in this series, prostitution in Pakistan is illegal. It is riddled with dangers and risks for the sex workers. This is my second article on this topic that is very much a taboo in Pakistan. My last article was a story of a low-end prostitute (a woman belonging to the lower class) who was sold into the sex trade by deceit, only to languish for the rest of her life in the underbelly

Prostitution In Pakistan: The Stories

Battered, Bruised And Alone She walks down the dark alleyways in the early hours of the morning. Drained and half dead, edgy and nervous, wrapped in a sheet of cloth half covering her face, the corner of which she holds in her teeth. Her breath still has the stench of alcohol she was made to drink last night and her face lightly bruised. Walking briskly to avoid the attention of the early morning police constables standing by the corner, heading towards a shanty town in the midst of Karachi, she

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Princess

Calling Your Daughter One Let me start by saying that I am not a mother. While I have devoted more time thinking about what kind of mother I want (hope) to be and what traits I want to pass on to my children, I will humbly admit to you that I really have no clue what it is like to look at a human that you have created and watch the world put labels and restrictions on them. This is especially poignant when it comes to daughters. That being said,

High Maintenance Woman: Yes, I Am

When She Walks… You know her. She walks into a room and most, if not all, heads turn to stare. The whispers hum as she goes by each table. Some are sweet as honey but many are as poisonous as a snake’s venom. “Oh, she’s here.” “Who the heck does she think she is?” “Diva, that’s what! A right snob!” “High maintenance!” High Maintenance Woman: Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored The funny thing is, she is not necessarily the most beautiful flower God has planted on this Earth. There

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption Pt. III

Abandoned or Just Rewards? Adele was heartbroken and angry. She felt like she had done so much for her daughters and she did not understand why they had stopped talking to her. She called them often, trying to reconnect and figure out what the problem was, refusing to really look at herself as the possible problem. Her calls always went to voicemail. After months and months of calling, texting and email, she found herself blocked from their numbers and their emails. Desperately, she began asking people for help. She had