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Tune In Okay, here is the deal. I am moving towards my thirties but I am not quite there yet. It is a transitioning period I think, at least it feels that way. I have begun to shed some (not all) of my immature and idealistic traits. My interests are turning, ever so slightly, away from the superficial to the very real. My focus is leaning more towards becoming better on the inside than the outside because I know that these are the things that will really matter to me

Women, Help Stop The Assault!

Uncomfortable Conversations Women inspiring women is the emphasis on this blog. With the support and company of two men, we discuss topics that touch the lives of women living and learning through the daily grind. Some of our conversations might not be comfortable, especially for those who are in denial about the reality of their situation or who might see themselves in the not-so glamorous light. While conversations about fashion, homemaking, cooking, and other topics that are often and mostly assigned to women might arise, they will be in the

Wellness, Oneness And Living Fully Roundup

The Wind of Change As winter approaches – shivering just writing those words – the talk around my office in the last few days has been on vacation. The weather is a preoccupation of most Canadians that I know. They will often start a conversation commenting about the “crappy,” “awesome,” “crazy” or “nice” weather being experienced in the particular moment. After most of these comments, the follow-up is “wish I was somewhere warm” or “going South this year?” If the weather is “nice,” then a “shoot, why can’t it stay

4 Insidious Risks To Women’s Wellness That You Need To Know

Wellness: Anger And Emotions Management We will be continuing our short story series, “Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption,” in our afternoon post. This story came about as Contributor, Alexis Ali, and I thought the issue of violence perpetuated by women is one that is hardly discussed with frankness and openness. We wish to support women who find themselves behind the fists, punching something or someone, not judge them. Unless we first acknowledge that there is a problem and then actively provide options or find them for ourselves to solve

The Body Image Question: Athletic Women, Hot Or Not Your Type?

What A Guy Wants Are guys put off by athletic or muscular women? Many men prefer beautiful champions, but whether a man likes a sportswomen is a question of choice. A report that I recently read stated that the depiction of women in sports, highlighting the areas of appearance and physique, puts added pressure on them. As a result of rigorous training, the bodies of these women change and when this happens it is a matter of what a man sees when he looks at them. Some men have labelled

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10 Crazy Easy Ways To Wellness

Move That Body For most people, the choice to be healthy and active is harder than copping out and hitting a drive-thru on the way home. After a long day at work, going to the gym can seem incredibly daunting. But in addition to those pivotal choices, there are small, simple choices you may not even realize  you are being presented with throughout the day to improve your wellness. These little things can add up to make a big difference over time. So here are some ways to grab extra

Emotional And Health Issues Damaging Relationships

Non “Expert” Relationship Tips We are not relationship experts here. We are real people living our lives – messy, complicated and delicious as they can be at times. Unlike what many might have suggested and most certainly what romance novels of a certain type portray, relationships do not always feel like silk, taste like cookies and cream or last forever. They go sideways, they go off track, they hop along for a while and many even end. That is the fact of life and all we can do, all anyone

The 1 Good Thing From Female Hysteria Diagnosis: Vibrators

Female Hysteria – Ever Heard Of It? Female hysteria is a physical illness dating back to ancient Egypt, and though it has no place in our understanding of female health and wellness today, it remained in the diagnostic manual used for psychologists until the 70s. Viewed as an illness caused by or contributing to sexual malfunction in women, female hysteria was considered by most to be a “woman’s disease” because women were believed to be weaker than men and more susceptible to illness in general. Female hysteria was an especially