Before I Die: 5 Life Lessons For My Granddaughter

Mahalia, My Kitten When this was first published, my granddaughter, Mahalia was almost 14-months old.  On July 1, 2014, she made a premature entrance and turned all our worlds around. No one would have convinced me that the day would come when I would be so in love with a grandchild. However, my Kitten, as I have called her since first seeing that ultrasound snapshot of her, has stolen, wrapped up and secured my heart. Due to her young age, genius as she might seem, I am sure Kitten will

Women Empowerment: The Cha-Cha-Cha

The Movements Regular readers know that this blog focuses on women’s empowerment, discussing issues that affect the lives of women all over the world. By extension, we highlight the living conditions of the people who love the women who we turn the spotlight on, primarily their children and their relationships partners whatever the marital status. A few of the Contributors, women and men, might be active participants in the feminist movement. Active would not describe the involvement of others; sympathetic might be a better word. Then there is me –

Why Is Women Bashing On The Rise?

Did Hillary Clinton Cause This? Is it just me or has anyone else noticed an uptick in the movement, let us call it that, to limit women’s rights? Does that have anything to do with the election machinery in the United States that is well-oiled and running, ready to get a new President in office next year? Is this a renewed effort to chase us back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant as Hillary Clinton seeks to blow the roof off and become the first female President of the USA?

Motivational Monday: Women’s Empowerment, Humility & Grace

Post Father’s Day Reality Back to the core issues – women matters – this Motivational Monday. Something tells me, however, that it might not all be peaches and cream after a great celebration of Father’s Day. Opened my alerts this morning to find a few stories debating whether women’s empowerment is such a great thing after all. My first reaction, just after reading the headlines, was dismay. “Here they go again, these men, trying to put women back in the kitchen,” I thought. Did we give them too many props