Wanted: A Man To Pay The Bills

Money Talk And… There are mornings when there is no post idea and no articles from the Contributors. Then, as my fingers hit the keyboard, sentences begin to flow. Today’s conversation about “Wanted: Man To Pay The Bills,” is different as this was a planned post, one that I asked three of our female Contributors to take part in creating. We have talked about money, finances, relationships and even sex generally and sex in the context of those who sell it. Depending on your perspective – a conversation about whether

3 Body Enhancers To Catch His Eyes…Or Not?

If I See You Walking Down The Street… I love walking the streets late in the evenings and many a night of the week and just about any time of day you can find yourself surrounded by different people who portray different perspective. We are living in a world that is currently designed for the passionate and the driven, so we men are constantly surrounded by women in various stages of maturity, dressing, and intelligence. In those exact moments before they walk past, I bring myself to reflect on attraction

7 Ordinary And Extraordinary Ideas For Summer

Summer Time And The Weather Is… Math is not my subject. I flunked it in high school. So you will have to forgive me if my calculation is off with these summer ideas for every – or just about – every woman. At the end of this Summer Ideas post, you can tell me whether I flunked at basic math as well. Where I live, Edmonton, Alberta, summer is really short. Scientifically, summer ought to last for three months, however, here we would be extremely lucky if we got half

Sunday Hypocrites

Sunday Christians Before you think that there is some deep-seated problem here with Christians, let me hasten to say that there is none. What there is, is a distaste for hypocrisy especially the type parading on a Sunday. This is not something new. For many years, my mother dispatched me to church every Sunday morning and sitting in those pews the bile started to rise. Returning home after the entire morning and afternoon of praises, the switch would be very obvious to me – from holy to pretending to be

Warning: Rising Abuse of Pregnant Women & Child Poverty

Increasing Risk To Women And Children “The most pressing need now is providing help to the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, children, the handicapped/those with special needs, women, people in remote villages, and individuals of a lower caste. These groups are often neglected because they usually the weakest and unable to search for help.” Those are the opening words on Hope Worldwide‘s website and I borrowed them as they are more appropriate than any I could think of to describe what is urgently needed to support and protect women

The Unfortunate Life Of An Interesting Woman – Part III

The Newsroom The office was full of smoke. Ginny coughed as she walked into the haze. She could see that the walls were lined with bookshelves and there were boxes and loose sheets of paper all over the room. On the desk in front of her was the newest copy of the newspaper with red marks all over it. She felt a sense of excitement but was also a bit intimidated. As she looked at the man sitting behind the desk, she rallied her inner strength and stuck out her

Monday Motivation: 6 More Ways To ‘Keep Going’

Monday Motivation Continues Just after my 50th birthday in February of this year, while preparing for the poolside bash at Contributor, Clara Brown‘s place, the thought crossed my mind – “What next?” Those closest to me will tell you that over my lifetime the hats that have adorned my head are legion. Since leaving high school, my journey has taken me across the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. My jobs have been as varied as the places and people who I have met along the way. From junior secretary in

Saturday News: Same-Sex Marriage & Other Celebrations

Sleepy Saturdays Saturdays is my sleep-in day – if you call not getting up until 6:00 a.m. sleeping in. This Saturday is already turning out to be a busy one with errands to run, babysitting Kitten, my granddaughter, for a few hours and all the news to cover before getting both of those done. She will be one-year-old on Canada Day and we are in the throes of planning the celebration of her early arrival. Right in the middle of that will be Independence Day in the USA so, continuing