The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman – Part I

The Third Wheel Ring, ring! The phone rang in the living room. Virginia looked up from the dining room table where she was writing in her journal. She jumped up after the second ring and ran to it. She grasped it from the end table just before her younger sister did. “Reynolds residence, Ginny speaking,” Virginia said as she made a face at her exasperated sister. With a big sigh, her younger sister Betty, sat on the overstuffed chair next to the table. “Ginny! Beverly here, how would you like

In The News: Menstruation, Money And Motivation

Menstruation is Death??? Some days you just want to scream, “WTF” when you read or hear news reports of things supposedly educated people say, especially men. The ‘WTF’ moment came today reading highlights of an interview with one Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Apparently, the godly gentleman is not only an expert on things religious but on women’s period. Reacting to concerns of another ‘WTF-er’, Glenn Beck, about the mixing of sex images with those of death, Lapin linked this to women’s period! WTF?! According to Lapin, menstruation represents death and that is why

In The News: Apple And Scammers

At a recent conference, a multi-billion dollar company, “the largest and most profitable tech company on Earth,” Apple, paraded two women on stage. Just about everyone who follows this type of news was applauding the giant corporation for its diversity. Except One. Emily Peck of the Huffington Post. “People need to chill about Apple’s big move. While it’s good news that the company finally broke its white male streak, this is just a beginning.” She is absolutely right. Let me say upfront that Apple is nowhere in my working space

Wellness: Raising Girls Out Of Poverty

Woman are b****** and ho’s. That is the story fed to many girls for years now. It is one that is reinforced daily in many songs, television mini-series and scandals. Another lie is that women are bitches toward each other. That is a general statement that some make. True as it may be that women can be competitive toward each other, for various reasons and more outwardly than men, but the contrary is also true. Something tells me that the bitches story – and the bossy one as well –