Women And Leadership: Lean In Or Living Out?

Lean In??? A few weeks ago, discussing her upcoming article Contributor Clara Brown told me she was writing on “leaving a door open,” for other women by women who are making their way through to the top of their game. As I read through the piece last night, making last edits, the phrase “lean-in” struck me. Ms Brown did not go into the details or origins of the concept in her article that we will post this afternoon. I too will not delve into this Motivational Monday on the lean-in

Tuesday Wellness: Relationship, Strippers & Women’s Pay

Relationship Camp – Training Women? For the life of me sometimes I simply do not understand how men think! Check out this article on Return of Kings basically promoting female domination. On Tuesdays, attention is focussed here on wellness: what it means to be “well”, the various aspects of it and how to get and stay well. Today, as we explore the connection between sexuality and wellness, relationship is a necessary side topic. According to this article on these noble gentlemen’s website, 3 Areas Where You Must Train Women How