Promise To Encourage Yourself Today

Challenging As It Is New Year’s resolutions are different for everyone. And to be honest, I never really gave mine much thought throughout the year. But this year has been challenging in really good but hard ways. I have made a lot of promises to myself and have done my best to keep them. It has been a challenge to encourage myself. I have been pushing myself to grow more and take more chances. As I mentioned previously, I have been entering writing contests as one of my new years’


Challenges Women Face In Pakistan

A Global Issue, Actually Life is awesome, yet challenging for the women of the world. No matter where we live, women are the homemakers and the building blocks of any society. But unfortunately, no matter where we live around the globe, we have gender specific challenges to tackle. It may be outright gender discrimination to reduced employment opportunities to sexual harassment. The range of challenges that women face is globally common at one end of the spectrum and totally diverse and society specific on the other. I, being the Pakistani


Ending The Sexualised Lifestyle

Make A Choice There are times in life when you have to make choices based on what some call principle. Personally, I prefer to describe such decisions as life-choices. Over the years, on a very personal level, I have had to make such decisions and the one that comes to mind today has to do with the sexualised lifestyle. Almost 11 years ago, on January 28, 2005, I wrote a post on my first ever blog about such a life-choice – having to do with whether to stay on a

3 Tips To Mastering Direction Changes

Your Mission Direction was never something I struggled with. By the time I was 7 years old, I had already decided to become an Egyptologist. My scholastic and geographic decisions from then on were based on that idea. I took French starting in the 6th grade because I knew that it was one of the three main languages spoken in Egypt. I read books, watched movies and documentaries and when it was time for university, I enrolled at the American University in Cairo. Up until I stepped onto the plane,

Politics, Fear And Women: Our Week

Youthful Politics Growing up in a politically fervent time in Kingston, Jamaica, you would not be blamed if you were to describe me as a young activist. As early as my 9th birthday, I was holding my own and passionately so, in the debates about politics: Cuba’s place in the world, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) actions on my island home, communism and free education for all to name a few. By my 18th birthday, my level of activism stepped up to official membership in the youth arm of one

Conversations On Buying Sex And The Women Who Sell It

Inconvenient Conversations We will be starting a series next week on prostitution or if you prefer, sex work. It will not be for the faint at heart. What we will be covering are the realities about why and how women become prostitutes. It will be done in our style – “Insightful, Inspiring and In-depth,” never judgmental but clearly offering views that might not fit the stereotypical ones. Two Contributors will help walk us through this topic: Katelyn Roth, who lives in the United States and advised me that she will

Indian woman

Who Else Wants To End The Rape Culture?

Moving Forward A few weeks ago, discussing ideas for future posts with the Contributors to this blog, I mentioned to Robert Turner, one of two male members of this blog team that I would like to move a story forward. This is a phrase from my past – maybe it is still being used in newsrooms today – which means to review an older story or a previously published one for new insights, leads and/or perspectives since it was last in the news. While this is clearly not a newsroom

Unstuck Your Career With These 2 Tips

Women Taking Care of Business – Like A Boss “That’s why every time, I enter a room, I leave the door open so more women can come through.” Donna Brazille For thirteen years, I was part of a dynamic team of senior managers for a Group of 10 diversified companies.  All the operational units and departments within the Group, except one, were headed by female managers.  These women were geniuses in their fields ranging from insurance, banking, law, hospitality, travel, loss adjustment to real estate. Over those years, all of