Bad Memories: How To ACT Them Out

They Will Come Sitting at home alone, tapping away at the several devices that surrounded me, television playing in the background as often happens on a Sunday morning. Lonely is not something that I ever am. In fact, my own company is the one that is most preferable to me. My daughter often teases me about being single for so long, living alone for years now and how will that impact my ever entering another live-together relationship. She is more concerned whether as the years pass will my memories and

Fear: A SWAP Tactic To Overcome It

Out of Control My heart picked up speed, faster than Joey Logano on the Kansas speedway. It had gotten under my hood and my pulse was beating so rapidly, I was sure my veins would burst. Hardly able to breathe, I reached for the rear view mirror of my truck and spun it so hard towards me that it almost broke off. Checking my eyes to see whether a capillary or two had burst, oozing blood and turning my yes red as it had done before, I was happy to

true self

Wellness And Your Next Relationship

The Next Big Thing Wellness is the new cool. It is a hot commodity and this trend has grown for a few years now. It is more than about being fit, granted that is the focus of many disciples of the “wellness movement.” “Paul Pilzer in his book ‘The Wellness revolution’ predicted that wellness might become a USD200 billion worth industry – from health to beauty to food and medicine. And his expectations are becoming true, at least in terms of newly widespread lifestyle approaches. It is enough if we

Women, Help Stop The Assault!

Uncomfortable Conversations Women inspiring women is the emphasis on this blog. With the support and company of two men, we discuss topics that touch the lives of women living and learning through the daily grind. Some of our conversations might not be comfortable, especially for those who are in denial about the reality of their situation or who might see themselves in the not-so glamorous light. While conversations about fashion, homemaking, cooking, and other topics that are often and mostly assigned to women might arise, they will be in the

Pakistani woman

Wellness And Pakistani Women: It’s A Class Thing

Unofficial Ambassador of Pakistani Women Today I have the feeling of being an ambassador and voice of the women of Pakistan. I am an  educated and aware woman of Pakistan. I am well-travelled and lucky to have interacted with many people of different cultures including some from Africa and Japan. Hailing from a traditional family, this has placed me among the women of the élite class in Pakistan. My movement vertically and horizontally across the social stratum of my country, allows me to accurately comment on the wellness of each