Get Over Your Work Anxiety With These Tips

Sick To The Stomach On the way to the office, my stomach did the flip-flops. As we approached the main entrance, the police officer exited the booth and came along the driver’s door. “What’s your business Ma’am?” he asked of the driver. She told him that she was just the chauffeur, dropping me off for duty. I sat quietly listening to the exchange, too busy trying to control my need to puke to be disturbed by the unnecessary interrogation of the officer who was clearly new. For over six months


How To Stop Saying “No” To Your Personal Freedom

Emotional Suicide Previously published on November 3, 2014 Do you know anyone who hangs on for dear life even though the situation they are in is literally or at least emotionally killing them? When my first marriage slipped off the rocks and was rapidly heading to the bottom of a very steep cliff, some people advised me to work on it for the sake of my child. Only 22 years old but very clear that my body could not stand any more beatings nor was I ready to subdue my


Are You Enjoying Personal Freedom Where You Live?

Free To Be The end of a long, peaceful and restful Labour Day weekend and every minute of it was enjoyed and savoured – at least in my household of one. One of the many things that was accomplished was simply relaxing. Two days and minimal ‘work’ was done here, aside from posting one article a day, including yesterday’s, Katelyn Roth’s on “5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up.” Surprisingly, that post had me thinking about personal freedom – what it means and how does one achieve it. Is

Wellness, Oneness And Living Fully Roundup

The Wind of Change As winter approaches – shivering just writing those words – the talk around my office in the last few days has been on vacation. The weather is a preoccupation of most Canadians that I know. They will often start a conversation commenting about the “crappy,” “awesome,” “crazy” or “nice” weather being experienced in the particular moment. After most of these comments, the follow-up is “wish I was somewhere warm” or “going South this year?” If the weather is “nice,” then a “shoot, why can’t it stay

4 Insidious Risks To Women’s Wellness That You Need To Know

Wellness: Anger And Emotions Management We will be continuing our short story series, “Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption,” in our afternoon post. This story came about as Contributor, Alexis Ali, and I thought the issue of violence perpetuated by women is one that is hardly discussed with frankness and openness. We wish to support women who find themselves behind the fists, punching something or someone, not judge them. Unless we first acknowledge that there is a problem and then actively provide options or find them for ourselves to solve

Pakistani woman

Wellness And Pakistani Women: It’s A Class Thing

Unofficial Ambassador of Pakistani Women Today I have the feeling of being an ambassador and voice of the women of Pakistan. I am an  educated and aware woman of Pakistan. I am well-travelled and lucky to have interacted with many people of different cultures including some from Africa and Japan. Hailing from a traditional family, this has placed me among the women of the élite class in Pakistan. My movement vertically and horizontally across the social stratum of my country, allows me to accurately comment on the wellness of each

A September To Remember For More Reasons Than One

Everything Holds Beauty Maybe you have sung along with it, maybe you have never heard it but there is a song that says it all when it comes to beauty: “Everything is beautiful, in its own way.” Forget any religious connotations, forget where you were born, forget anything you have thought so far about beauty and open your heart and listen to this song: New Contributor I thought of this song as we prepare to introduce Neelma Tashfeen to our readers today. Neelma is a woman who was born and

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10 Crazy Easy Ways To Wellness

Move That Body For most people, the choice to be healthy and active is harder than copping out and hitting a drive-thru on the way home. After a long day at work, going to the gym can seem incredibly daunting. But in addition to those pivotal choices, there are small, simple choices you may not even realize  you are being presented with throughout the day to improve your wellness. These little things can add up to make a big difference over time. So here are some ways to grab extra