Why You Should Embrace Being Alone

Lonely or Alone? Alone versus lonely, a difference that many people never understand as they are so busy crowding and keeping in their lives people who can never give them what they truly seek – themselves. It is a long weekend here in Canada – Labour Day Weekend – and since 5:00 a.m., I have basked in my alone-ness. Although my quietude has been unceremoniously disrupted, as been happening more frequently recently despite my expressed dissatisfaction with the noise level, my heart still sings with joy being alone. There was

Week’s News Roundup – The Best And The Most Madding

Weekly Roundup What a week it has been – chock-full of news, some that got me and many others mad. Others were great for comic relief and then there were the informative bits, particularly for women’s health. Friday is my lazy day of the week. I go to my paid job earlier in the day and there is only one post here. This is it – the Weekly Roundup post, in which we highlight the happenings in the news that puts a cap on the week as well as point

TGIF Round-Up: End of Time or Cause To Celebrate?

End Times News??? July starts out with fireworks and parades here in Canada and then in the United States of America. Canada celebrated her 148th birthday on July 1 and the United States will be celebrating her 239th since the Declaration of Independence¬†on July 4. Many in North America celebrated the changing of the seasons, in more ways than one, in June. They welcomed the start of the celebratory month of July with much joyful expectations for a good summer and a “more-equal” society. That was how many started the