End To The Pain: 5 Affirmations

When Will It? There are events in our lives that in the moment of their “happening” we feel as if there will be no end to it. Nothing could be further than the truth. It might not end as quickly as you might like or want but end it will. In the meanwhile, as the storm is raging and until the eye passes you over, there is something to be learned, something that will transform you should you allow it. This week, as we continue to look at life challenges,

life challenges

The Wisdom In Life Challenges

One At A Time Life is full of it, is it not? Challenges that is – and that other thing as well. What to do? Keep moving. Life challenges will come and they will go. “But how?” you ask.  Years ago, a woman told me that while she was incarcerated (8+ years) she learned that she had to do better than take things one day at a time. To survive and even thrive during her sentence, she had to learn to take life as it came in every minute. If

spiritual partnership

How To Be In Partnership With Your Mate

What Are We? What is your understanding of the word “partnership” whether in a business or romantic context? The Free Dictionary has this definition for those in business partnership: “An association of two or more persons engaged in a business enterprise in which the profits and losses are shared proportionally. The legal definition of a partnership is generally stated as “an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit.” Having posed that question, I did a Google search for the word. Funny enough

unconditional love

Unconditional Love Or Nothing At All

What Is It Anyway? Have you ever asked someone if they love you and the response was ‘Unconditionally’? Your heart must have melted, your knees got weak and you would have given your everything, including your firstborn child to him or her. Right? But what does unconditional love mean? Did you ask how does that unconditional love look or were the words enough for you? Only once in my life an intimate partner told me their love was unconditional and maybe my mistake was asking that question. Maybe it awoke


5 Affirmations For Intersecting Lives

Because They Are Not Accidents Relationships can be beautiful, troublesome, wonderful or a pain in the rear and heart. When you are in one and your life is intersecting with another, meshing and blending seamlessly, you will most certainly be on top of the world. Then there are those relationships that cause you so much angst that you wonder what did you see in the person at all, at anytime. “Life is a web of intersections and choices. Your 1st choice is to recognize an intersection. Your 2nd choice is


Being Bold In A Scary World

It Takes Guts We all have experienced it. Some of you might be living it now. Truth be told, it is part of life’s challenges, one that stretches you possibly as much as it causes you pain and anguish sometimes. It has been known to prevent people from sleeping at nights, causing restlessness and even insomnia. Is there a cure? Indeed there is but it requires you to be bold. If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences. ― Criss

powerful woman

Power: It’s Yours, So Claim It!

You Were Meant To… “Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet with a smile on your face in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you,” wrote J.Z. Colby in the book “Journey.  And, Jacob Norby, speaker, author and coach, describes not claiming one’s power in a most eloquent way: Among the greatest tragedies is a person who believes that they aren’t meant to win–by winning I mean find their purpose, passion and joy in life. They believe that other people


Affirm Your Best Life Into Being

I See… Vision Boards are very popular of late since so many celebrities are touting how powerful they have been in their lives. But, you do not have to be a celebrity for vision boards to help direct your life. You do not have to star in a reality show or have your own talk shown to affirm each day, every minute if needs be, what you would like to experience in your life. You do not have to create a vision board at any particular time of the year.