Autumn: The Season Of Change, Shopping And Romance

Countdown To Fall Nine days away from the official beginning of Fall (Autumn) and thoughts are running high in my family about clothes shopping. My daughter is a major shopper – I am not. She goes to a store or a mall every single day – I kid you not. It has become a joke between us when she calls, instead of a hello, I ask “What did you get today?” She now has a legitimate “excuse” for her daily excursions to the stores – a growing child. “I had

The 1 Cold Truth About Parenting

Parenting: Sacrifice or Fulfilling? Being my mother’s only child was not easy. All her expectations, hopes and dreams were placed squarely on my head and it was a very heavy load for a child to bear. Many times as she reprimanded me for my missteps or, worse yet, whipped my behind, she would list all the “sacrifices” she made for me, all the other dreams that she had to let vanish due to her responsibility to me. Thank heavens she had let some go because God knows I could not


How To Stop Saying “No” To Your Personal Freedom

Emotional Suicide Previously published on November 3, 2014 Do you know anyone who hangs on for dear life even though the situation they are in is literally or at least emotionally killing them? When my first marriage slipped off the rocks and was rapidly heading to the bottom of a very steep cliff, some people advised me to work on it for the sake of my child. Only 22 years old but very clear that my body could not stand any more beatings nor was I ready to subdue my


5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up

Living Together Means Splitting Everything However we may like to think about it, living with a Significant Other is different from living with a roommate. Oftentimes, roommates are brought together by common denominators, such as being students or working jobs with salaries that prevent them from living alone. With a partner, though, we have (or think we have) more say over how things around the house should go—it is not “your room” and “my room,” “your space” and “my space,” everything is “ours.” Ours. Our couch, our room, our swelling

Life Lessons, Karma Or Crappy Coincidences?

Really? This Is A Lesson? Michael H. Ballard, a man of resilience, will be the featured Contributor today and as I read his piece again, doing some formatting, finding pictures, etc to complement it before posting later this afternoon, several thoughts were buzzing in my mind. The central point was – life lessons, are they things that just happen to us from which we learn or are they fated, destiny coordinated by life to correct our willful ways? With me, one question always leads to a million so as I

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption Pt. II

Angry Mother, Scared Children Missy and Lily did apologize which seemed to make their mother relax. Though she seemed to be her happy and loving self again as they ate their dinner, the girls felt a little different. They felt wary of her. They did not know if that would happen again or how to avoid it. But as all little kids do, they brushed it off and continued to be themselves. At least they did until the next time, a few weeks later. This time it started with a

A September To Remember For More Reasons Than One

Everything Holds Beauty Maybe you have sung along with it, maybe you have never heard it but there is a song that says it all when it comes to beauty: “Everything is beautiful, in its own way.” Forget any religious connotations, forget where you were born, forget anything you have thought so far about beauty and open your heart and listen to this song: New Contributor I thought of this song as we prepare to introduce Neelma Tashfeen to our readers today. Neelma is a woman who was born and

Women Empowerment: The Cha-Cha-Cha

The Movements Regular readers know that this blog focuses on women’s empowerment, discussing issues that affect the lives of women all over the world. By extension, we highlight the living conditions of the people who love the women who we turn the spotlight on, primarily their children and their relationships partners whatever the marital status. A few of the Contributors, women and men, might be active participants in the feminist movement. Active would not describe the involvement of others; sympathetic might be a better word. Then there is me –