Learn How To Be Vulnerable

To Your Advantage Vulnerable in love. Good, bad, somewhere between? “The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility,”  says Paulo Coelho. Are you ‘exposed’ in your intimacy? How does that make you feel whether you are or are not? Is it really exposure, weakness or you are feeling vulnerable? That was the conversation this week – How to be strong in your vulnerability. Leaning heavily on the work of Brené Brown, we began Weekday Wisdom© with the following affirmation: “I love my partner and I am vulnerable.


Vulnerability: How To Embrace It

The “V” Word Have you ever noticed that until you buy say a particular type of car, you were almost completely unaware of the number of them already on the road? All of a sudden, every other car on the highway is a M-series BMW (yes, that was my dream car). Well the same thing was happening to me with a particular word just over a decade ago. I was in conversation with someone and she mentioned her fears around intimacy. We discussed this and her concern had to do