How To Make This December Matter

Beyond The Gifts And Parties December is one of those months that the gamut of emotions are up for grabs. There are some who find this to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” What with all the gift giving and receiving, the decorations to be put up, the meals to be planned, the parties to attend. Then there are those who, for religious or sentimental reasons, do not like the month because of all the carolling, the gifting, the celebrating the birth of a man they share nothing

4 Tips To Make The Rest Of 2015 The Best Year

Rituals, Routines And Reverence My eyes open most mornings by 5:00, sometimes much earlier when insomnia stays over. Tumbling around in the covers, rubbing my feet and gliding my fingers slowly across – the sheets (I am single people) for a good five minutes, I express my gratitude to Source for another opportunity to step into all that I am. This is my “basking” time – something I picked up from one of my spiritual teachers. Another ‘ritual’ of mine is spending a few minutes once up, while having my