Moderation In All Things

The Last Virtue “Moderation in all things, especially moderation,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the deepest thinkers of the 19th century and as we close this month of conversation on the seven deadly sins and the counterpart virtues his words seemed most apt. This week, the Jamaican proverb that concludes the conversation we have had for the past month on the seven deadly sins and counteracting virtues goes like this: Nyam some, lef some. The translation and how this proverb relates to the last virtue – Temperance – or


Patience Is So Much More

But What Is Patience? When you look up patience in the dictionary, there are a few slight variations on the meaning. And, if you ask different people what they think patience is, I am sure you will get even more. Patience is hard to nail down. As someone who is not naturally patient, I can tell you that I have struggled with the definition for my entire life. As a child, when I was told to be patient, I did what most children do. I was quiet and waited. But


Naked Before God

The Healing Continues The story continues or, more accurately, it unfolds. Today I share with you being naked – the second part in a series of unknown length, as we continue our conversation about the seven deadly sins and virtues. This part that I chose to call “Naked Before God” is a story I began writing years ago. In fact, it is a story that was so hard for me to think about back then in 2000, that I stopped writing it. I share this part of a half-written story


Let Him That Is Free Of Sins

Virtues And Sins As we open the conversations on the seven deadly sins and virtues, memories of how eleven years ago I laid myself naked to the readers of my earlier blog.  Throughout the month of May, we will be discussing the teachings promulgated by the Church in modern times and you are invited to reflect on how your life might have been affected by them. Our underlying question is what kind of life are you living? The follow-up question is whether this is the life that you want or