Healing Parenting In Our Global Village

The Worst Fears Back in the day when I was a mother of a young girl, two of my greatest fears were: Sexual abuse, rape or molestation Teenage pregnancy Although I  was not a teenager when I had her – so that fear was not grounded in my personal reality – I was a survivor of childhood sexual molestation and rape as an adult woman. A a result, and without explaining the gory details, I watched my baby like a hawk! She could barely move out of my sight and

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption Pt. III

Abandoned or Just Rewards? Adele was heartbroken and angry. She felt like she had done so much for her daughters and she did not understand why they had stopped talking to her. She called them often, trying to reconnect and figure out what the problem was, refusing to really look at herself as the possible problem. Her calls always went to voicemail. After months and months of calling, texting and email, she found herself blocked from their numbers and their emails. Desperately, she began asking people for help. She had

Women, Help Stop The Assault!

Uncomfortable Conversations Women inspiring women is the emphasis on this blog. With the support and company of two men, we discuss topics that touch the lives of women living and learning through the daily grind. Some of our conversations might not be comfortable, especially for those who are in denial about the reality of their situation or who might see themselves in the not-so glamorous light. While conversations about fashion, homemaking, cooking, and other topics that are often and mostly assigned to women might arise, they will be in the

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption Pt. II

Angry Mother, Scared Children Missy and Lily did apologize which seemed to make their mother relax. Though she seemed to be her happy and loving self again as they ate their dinner, the girls felt a little different. They felt wary of her. They did not know if that would happen again or how to avoid it. But as all little kids do, they brushed it off and continued to be themselves. At least they did until the next time, a few weeks later. This time it started with a

4 Insidious Risks To Women’s Wellness That You Need To Know

Wellness: Anger And Emotions Management We will be continuing our short story series, “Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption,” in our afternoon post. This story came about as Contributor, Alexis Ali, and I thought the issue of violence perpetuated by women is one that is hardly discussed with frankness and openness. We wish to support women who find themselves behind the fists, punching something or someone, not judge them. Unless we first acknowledge that there is a problem and then actively provide options or find them for ourselves to solve

Rid Your Life Of Toxic And Violent Women: Weekly Roundup

The Answer Is Within Who said that everybody, everywhere knows everything? If you thought that, you were wrong. Well in a sense. Deep inside of us we have the answers to most of life’s questions or at least have a compass that could lead to them. Asking the opinions of others and then not appreciating what they say as their perspective on life based on their experiences have often led many of us astray. There are people with good advice and I do hope that you find some of our

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption

The Daily Grind Adele had had a long day. Her boss was on top of her about her reports that were late. She kept telling him that she did not have enough time to do all the work that he expected from her but she just kept getting the empty threat about firing her and finding someone faster. But Adele was good at her job. She knew it and knew that they could not find anyone as good as her.  Still, the day wore on her and her boss’ words

violent woman

She Is Not Sexy, She Is Violent: A Hard Truth To Accept

Violence By Women Today’s conversation is not sexy, simple or sentimental. It is serious. As a blog concerned with the daily issues affecting the lives – the entire being – of women, it would be remiss, irresponsible, ingenuous and plain stupid for me, as the lead blogger, to not address the underbelly of women’s lives. [tweetthis]Read the hard truth about violence in women in this blog post! #RealTalk[/tweetthis] Violence by women. As always, the conversations that we have are always grounded, to some degree, in the lived experiences of the