unconditional love

Unconditional Love Or Nothing At All

What Is It Anyway? Have you ever asked someone if they love you and the response was ‘Unconditionally’? Your heart must have melted, your knees got weak and you would have given your everything, including your firstborn child to him or her. Right? But what does unconditional love mean? Did you ask how does that unconditional love look or were the words enough for you? Only once in my life an intimate partner told me their love was unconditional and maybe my mistake was asking that question. Maybe it awoke

Wanted: A Relationship, Eventually

Waiting in Vain For Love? Those who have followed me for some time, whether it was on my earlier blog, Daughters of Sheba, on Blogger or via Facebook know that relationship expert is not something on my résumé. My training has been in the world of diplomacy, with a post-graduate degree in International Relations. Then my educational pursuit took me to communications, specifically public relations and marketing. At one of my “pivotal” points, Theological Studies and then Chaplaincy became my areas of interest and after years of studies and practice,