You Must Be Willing In Order To Have It

Broken Promises Anyone can make a promise. The real question is whether they will actually keep it. In my books, some of the most painful broken promises are the ones we make to ourselves. You truly have to be dedicated to your personal growth and willing to do what it takes to keep your resolutions, if that is your preferred name for the promises you made. Those resolutions, intentions or promises you made, say on New Year’s Eve, came about because you either have dreamed about attaining those specific goals.


Promises: Do Not Be Fooled

This Is Not About The U.S. Elections! Remembering the last time an article was posted here that caused confusion among some readers. They were somehow fooled into believing that it was a political post when, in fact, it was not. As the idea of today’s Tuesday Thought came to me and how to present it – the voice in my head (I have only one) said to me, “Be careful that your readers are not fooled again into thinking that you are discussing the election campaign in the U.S.” No,


Waiting On Bread And Butter?

Love It! Bread, did you say bread? There is nothing better to me than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread! Yes, I love bread so much that years ago one of my most expensive purchases for my kitchen was a bread maker. Of course I am fully aware of the amount of calories and carbohydrates are loaded in my well buttered chunk of delight. Who cares! My love of bread started very early in my life. On my island home of Jamaica, the love of bread is


Why Hot Rice Is Not Good For You

It Will Burn Your Tongue Have you ever been in such a hurry, probably extremely hungry as well, and heated up some rice or plated some as soon as it was done cooking, shoved a forkful in your mouth without allowing it to cool? Painful right? Rice and jackass are the subjects of our Tuesday Thought© this week and they both speak to the “sin” (missing of the mark, mistake) we are focussing on this – anger. Since the start of May, we have looked at the seven deadly sins


One Way To Have More Milk In Life

Sins And Virtues Strange topic, eh? What does milk have to do with the seven deadly sins and virtues that we have been discussing since the start of this month? Regular readers know that every week we share a Tuesday Thought© which is a five minute video (at max) on a Jamaican proverb that highlights or underscores our conversation. Those of you who receive my Weekday Wisdom© would be aware already that this week we are talking about three virtues – Charity, Patience and Humility. Sign up and receive these


Why Pride Goes Before A Fall

False Pride That Is You have heard so many things about pride and humility. One of the many things you might have heard about pride is that it never pays to be puffed up with it. You could have heard that it comes before a fall. This week’s Tuesday Thought© covers pride as our conversation on the seven deadly sins unfolds. Regular readers are aware that each week a Jamaican proverb is usually highlighted to further illustrate our point and this week is no different. Did you watch last week’s?


The Secrets That Dog Hair Covers

Long And Flowing Years ago, my then partner bought me a dog as a gift. It was the first time that I was the owner of a “pedigree” dog. There are lots of dogs in Jamaica and most run wild. So when this shitzu-mix was given to me, he thrilled me no end. I was excited to look after him, to find him the best mobile dog grooming company, to dress him up when it got cold, and to take him for walks. That feeling heightened after his first grooming


Monkey And Bare Buttocks

This Week’s Thought Every week, I share a Jamaican proverb or saying that highlights or better yet underscores the general conversation of the month. Since the start of April, we have discussed life challenges – their many forms and how different people meet or even greet them. In my Tuesday Thought© video below and on my Facebook page, we are talking about a monkey and how it handles life challenges. Did you watch the last Tuesday Thought©? You can check it out here and be sure to subscribe and receive