STOPPING TO GIVE THANKS Thanksgiving Day is not one that is observed on the island of my birth – Jamaica. Throughout my youth, I was mostly unaware of the day that North Americans stopped to give thanks. Today is that day here in Canada and our American friends will be sending up their thanks in November.  Why such close neighbours and cousins chose to observe Thanksgiving almost a month apart I honestly do not know. However, if you really are curious, Google is sure to have an answer. I am

How To Be Thankful In All Things

Every Day Provides A Chance Tomorrow my American friends will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and, as with the Canadian celebrations, we ask, “What are you thankful for?” This is a customary Thanksgiving question. This year it might just take on extra special meaning. So, I went back 10 years to a piece that I wrote to share some thoughts about how to be thankful in all things. Caught up as we are in the various dramas of life whether political or personal, thankfulness is often the last thought on our minds.


What’s On Your Must Have Stuff List?

Skinniest Week: Yesterday while watching television, a report came on that this week in October is the “skinniest” all of us will be. The explanation for this by the “expert” is that come next Monday, in the case of us Canadians, we will start eating up a storm! This led me to think not only about my Thanksgiving dinner menu. All the stuff that will be purchased and ate until January 1, 2017 rushed into my consciousness. North Americans it seems are the leaders in consumerism. We buy just about


A Thanksgiving Conversation For You

Turkey Day Approaches We here in Canada observe Thanksgiving almost a month earlier than our cousins in the United States.  Just this past week, as my daughter prepared for a vacation to my country of origin – Jamaica – we talked about a family gathering she will be attending. Thinking about the personalities and behind the scene stories, I remarked that she might be in for the uncomfortable Thanksgiving conversation you often hear about. October has been what you could call a turning point month in my life. Not only

black friday

Black Friday: Quality Vs Quantity

Sale, Sale, Sale! Everybody loves a bargain and Black Friday certainly promises plenty. You might not be reading this until Saturday being so busy grabbing the deals, finding your car or some form of transportation to get back home or relishing your purchases. Or, you might be at a doctor’s office getting your bruises, and I hope that is all they were, taken care of. Black Friday is not something any member of my household has every participated in – not in the store or on-line. Bargain or not, we


Thanksgiving Traditions We Created

No Two Are The Same It is funny to think about Thanksgiving traditions. Growing up, no Thanksgiving was the same. Some years we would spend it with our extended family, some years it was just the three of us. My mom, my twin sister and me. Sometimes we cooked and sometimes we went out. Of course my twin sister and I always wanted a nice traditional meal that you see in the movies with the family around the table and a huge meal. But my mother was not all that


Thanksgiving: A Day To Share

The Most Wonderful Time I love Thanksgiving Day! It is my favorite holiday of the year and marks the beginning of more holidays to come. For me, Thanksgiving is a family tradition and since traditions are the basics of our culture that make us feel connected to our heritage, I always try to make it a point to never miss celebrating any. So far I have not. During my college days and as a bachelor I never celebrated Thanksgiving Day alone. Although I could not afford the turkey that marks


Thanksgiving Week Special

Why We Give Thanks In a few days, our American friends will be observing Thanksgiving Day. We here in Canada had our turkey and stuffing back in October. Why such close neighbours and cousins chose to observe Thanksgiving almost a month apart I honestly do not know but if you really are curious, Google is sure to have an answer. I am neither a native of the United States or Canada. My migration to North America was years in the making but finally happened in 2002 when my family and