How To Be Thankful In All Things

Every Day Provides A Chance Tomorrow my American friends will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and, as with the Canadian celebrations, we ask, “What are you thankful for?” This is a customary Thanksgiving question. This year it might just take on extra special meaning. So, I went back 10 years to a piece that I wrote to share some thoughts about how to be thankful in all things. Caught up as we are in the various dramas of life whether political or personal, thankfulness is often the last thought on our minds.

Tap Into Your Gratefulness Force In 3 Steps

Practice Being Grateful Previously published on September 4, 2014 “Gratitude brings light into our hearts spread warmth throughout our bodies and radiate positive energy into the world. The more we consciously and consistently grow in our practice of gratitude, the more benefits we will experience.” Michele  Wahlder “Practice makes perfect.” How often have we heard this saying?  I say it very often to my son and every time that I do he asks me what does it mean. We would not get far if we did not practice whatever tasks

Open The Gates To Your Abundance With Gratitude

Poor People Food There was a time in my life when I lived to eat. Food was never in short supply in my childhood home no matter what else was absent or the flow was stymied – unconditional love and money come to mind. For all her faults, one thing my departed birth mother made sure was in ample supply was food. It might have been humble but there was never one night that I went to bed hungry. “Poor people food,” was her label for whatever she served. My