Open The Gates To Your Abundance With Gratitude

Poor People Food There was a time in my life when I lived to eat. Food was never in short supply in my childhood home no matter what else was absent or the flow was stymied – unconditional love and money come to mind. For all her faults, one thing my departed birth mother made sure was in ample supply was food. It might have been humble but there was never one night that I went to bed hungry. “Poor people food,” was her label for whatever she served. My

Sunday Hypocrites

Sunday Christians Before you think that there is some deep-seated problem here with Christians, let me hasten to say that there is none. What there is, is a distaste for hypocrisy especially the type parading on a Sunday. This is not something new. For many years, my mother dispatched me to church every Sunday morning and sitting in those pews the bile started to rise. Returning home after the entire morning and afternoon of praises, the switch would be very obvious to me – from holy to pretending to be

Sunday Snippets: Relationships, Sexy Gorillas & Curried Chicken

Easy Like Sunday Morning Writing on a Sunday morning was not formerly on my list of to do’s. However, since relocating to WordPress it has become one of my simple Sunday pleasures. Later I will probably go hiking or something – maybe. At first, my thought was Sunday posts might focus more on spirituality, after all I am a trained chaplain and spiritual counsellor. Orthodoxy is not my style and that is most evident in my choice of conversations on this blog and in life. As I arose from bed

Sunday News: Father’s Day Life Lessons & Bras

Happy Father’s Day Some fathers could probably teach you a thing or two about push-up bras. Most certainly me, who recently started buying them as my girls need the boost. Happy Father’s Day you learned gentlemen, teachers, counsellors, protectors and guides! May your day be as you imagined and more! Let us get this bra issue out-of-the-way then focus on the meat and potatoes of today. Guide To Push-Up Bras Saw this hilarious piece on push-up bras and thought – “Hamm, this is not only informative and funny, but some

Saturday News: It’s Still Raining Men!

Man Day Bet you are thinking by now what happened here? You thought this blog is mainly by women (and one man) for women. Did you forget the part that says “and for the people who love them?” So, the focus is still on the men in most of your lives – the Fathers, the Dads, the husbands, brothers and friends who will have their day tomorrow – Father’s Day. Summer Body Before we get to them though, here is something you might be interested in as you spruce up the

Sunday News: Church Women, Marijuana And Sunday Dinner

Blessed Sunday “Compassion is a lifetime business. You can’t say something like, “I will have compassion on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays only. But for the rest, I will be cruel”. That is hypocrisy.” Israelmore Ayivor Many entered the sanctuary today full of holiness and remained there for most of the day, enjoying the community and using the best church apps to share their thoughts and tithing. Come Monday, they will exit and at the gate pick up their basket full of judgement, criticism and hatred, peddling their wares all week.

Sunday News: Spirituality, Parenting & Nonsense

Policing Spiritual Care Over my lifetime, many a dumb things have come to my attention, as I am sure they have yours. Policing spirituality is the latest. Apparently, there is a move in Scotland to do just that. Lock up parents for the not giving their children enough spiritual guidance and spiritual care. Excuse me?! Yes, readers know that I have supported the idea of parenting classes, however, this proposal over in Scotland is going just a bit across the line and into the dictatorship zone. Who decides what is