A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Celebrate! Another month has passed and a new one has opened and with it many opportunities. So we thought that instead of publishing articles full of words, we would let a daily picture do most of the talking. Throughout August, starting today, all the Contributors and I will post a picture as the focal point. We will caption each with our thoughts, reflections and what the photograph signifies for us. Today, the first of our pictorial and August 1, coincides with two celebrations. It is Heritage Day here in Canada,

Today’s Wellness: All Things Summer

Summer’s End Is Near Continuing our series on successful parenting, Contributor Alexis Ali will later this afternoon post Part Two of her story on telling children “No.” In the meanwhile, let us have a look at a couple of things this Wellness Tuesday. Summer is coming to an end. Someone pointed out to me this past week that the leaves here have already started to change colour. Frankly, I had not noticed as my tendency is to just take the seasons as they come and dress as appropriately as possible.

Endless Motivation: 4 Ways To Let It Flow

Damn, It’s Monday! Another Monday and some may have slouched out of bed, swearing or even cursing at life, the job they really do not want to go to today, their spouse for snoring all night or so it seemed. The Unmotivated are many among us and to them the chirpy, peppy lovers of Monday are like flies on a summer’s kitchen wall – begging to be swatted. Really hope that will not be the fate of this blog today if you are one of those Monday Haters. The intention

7 Ordinary And Extraordinary Ideas For Summer

Summer Time And The Weather Is… Math is not my subject. I flunked it in high school. So you will have to forgive me if my calculation is off with these summer ideas for every – or just about – every woman. At the end of this Summer Ideas post, you can tell me whether I flunked at basic math as well. Where I live, Edmonton, Alberta, summer is really short. Scientifically, summer ought to last for three months, however, here we would be extremely lucky if we got half