High Maintenance Woman: Yes, I Am

When She Walks… You know her. She walks into a room and most, if not all, heads turn to stare. The whispers hum as she goes by each table. Some are sweet as honey but many are as poisonous as a snake’s venom. “Oh, she’s here.” “Who the heck does she think she is?” “Diva, that’s what! A right snob!” “High maintenance!” High Maintenance Woman: Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored The funny thing is, she is not necessarily the most beautiful flower God has planted on this Earth. There

The Body Image Question: Athletic Women, Hot Or Not Your Type?

What A Guy Wants Are guys put off by athletic or muscular women? Many men prefer beautiful champions, but whether a man likes a sportswomen is a question of choice. A report that I recently read stated that the depiction of women in sports, highlighting the areas of appearance and physique, puts added pressure on them. As a result of rigorous training, the bodies of these women change and when this happens it is a matter of what a man sees when he looks at them. Some men have labelled