Overwhelmed? 5 Tips To Regain Your Centre

Losing Your Footing Over the last couple of weeks, at least four people told me that they are feeling overwhelmed. When you add my absence last week from posting an article, that might be five. The difference between those four and I is that there are tools in my box to handle that feeling. My friends also have tools to help them when stress or anxiety comes their way. While they turn to natural remedies, which you can View here, I have my own ways of dealing with stress and


What To Do When Big Life Questions Get Asked

Trigger Warnings What do you do when you hit a wall with one of life’s big stuff events? What could you do, when you feel overwhelmed? Who do you connect with? When? For some this article could contain trigger words or phrases. First, there is no wrong answer(s), feelings or thoughts unless self-harm or harm of others is a potential. Second, each of us use language differently. So words and phrases that I find easy to use and 100% acceptable you might not enjoy or find mildly to very disrespectful.


Stressed? 6 Ways To Reduce It

Live Healthier Naturally Do you feel stressed out, pretty much exhausted and sometimes even very weak? If your answer is yes, that may mean that you are starting to burn out. There are many obligations and tasks that you have to carry out but there is simply no time for everything. Your organism inevitably suffers because of that but there are ways to fix that. You may decide that you would rather go down the uncoventional route of releasing any stress that you are feeling. Some people like to take


4 Steps To Lower Stress

What Causes You Stress? Stress is not something that I do, well not anymore. Well, until these past couple of weeks. I’m not alone in not coping well with stress though, I know a fair few people who struggle with it. I have one friend who uses something like these Tennis Lessons Phoenix. As being able to do exercise is their coping mechanism. Some moments of the greatest stress in my past had to do with money and the ending of relationships. I really wish I knew that CBD has

stress reducing pets

Reduce Christmas Stress: Hug A Dog

All Things Holiday At the beginning of the month, I promised to share posts that are Christmas related. That promise has been kept and there are still so many things we have not done such as fashion, food or the stress of Christmas. That is about to change. Although not wishing to be Debbie Downers, especially now that we are just days away from Christmas, but it has to be admitted and discussed that not everyone enjoy this “the most wonderful time of the year.” For some, the stress level

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption

The Daily Grind Adele had had a long day. Her boss was on top of her about her reports that were late. She kept telling him that she did not have enough time to do all the work that he expected from her but she just kept getting the empty threat about firing her and finding someone faster. But Adele was good at her job. She knew it and knew that they could not find anyone as good as her.  Still, the day wore on her and her boss’ words