4 Steps To Lower Stress

What Causes You Stress? Stress is not something that I do, well not anymore. Well, until these past couple of weeks. I’m not alone in not coping well with stress though, I know a fair few people who struggle with it. I have one friend who uses something like these Tennis Lessons Phoenix. As being able to do exercise is their coping mechanism. Some moments of the greatest stress in my past had to do with money and the ending of relationships. I really wish I knew that CBD has

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Reduce Christmas Stress: Hug A Dog

All Things Holiday At the beginning of the month, I promised to share posts that are Christmas related. That promise has been kept and there are still so many things we have not done such as fashion, food or the stress of Christmas. That is about to change. Although not wishing to be Debbie Downers, especially now that we are just days away from Christmas, but it has to be admitted and discussed that not everyone enjoy this “the most wonderful time of the year.” For some, the stress level