The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Finale

Memories Like The Corners Of Our Minds… Ginny’s mind poured over these memories as if they happened yesterday. “Take a look at this Rebecca,” she said to her 18-year-old granddaughter, “This was my first published article. I was the first woman to make the front page at that newspaper.” Ginny leaned back, her old arthritic hands ached as she clutched the treasured items that she was pulling out of her old chest. They were sitting in her dusty and very hot attic. Rebecca was heading off to college in a

The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part VI

One Strong Woman To Another As Ginny entered the newspaper office, she was immediately greeted by the tall woman she had met the last time she was there. Instead of wearing a frown, the secretary looked mildly interested and intrigued. Ginny decided to ask her to let Mr. Watson know that she was there. “Hello, Ginny to see Mr. Watson,” she said. The secretary smiled in an amused way and sauntered off to Mr. Watson’s office. When she returned she looked as though she wanted to ask. “You know honey,

The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part V

The New Angle Ginny had spent the rest of the evening retyping her pieces with her mother’s edits and she was truly amazed at how well they had turned out. The next morning, before her father left for work, Ginny thrust the pile of papers in front of him. With a chuckle, he grabbed them and began reading. His face changed as he read. He always loved reading Ginny’s work, but the articles he was reading now were much deeper and had more clarity than ever. The struggle that Ginny

Wednesday Women’s News: Jobless, Homeless & Being French

Les Belles Femmes Françaises Let us begin with the last one first. Good morning all! Are you French or know someone who was born French? My particular interest today is on French women – gorgeous creatures that they are. Stereotyping is a game for some. It is one that has been played with people like me – black women. First, the important descriptor – “black” – is not my favourite but the other option, the “N” word is not even on the table. No one uses the “N” word in

101 Ways To Wellness: End Prescription Drug Problem

America’s Unwellness Before anyone gets angry or peeved at me, let me quickly state that I am not picking on or pointing fingers at Americans. They are Canada’s neighbour to the South and they were and remain somewhat of a “Big Brother,” to my country of birth, Jamaica. The reason for highlighting America’s drug problem – prescription drug problem – in this post is simple. What has been happening and continues to occur among the US population when it comes to prescription medication can and will be replicated all over

Wednesday Women’s News: Heroin, Short Skirts & Living Longer

Women Are Living Longer – So What? Have you ever read or heard an item of news and thought to yourself, “Tell me something I don’t know?” Well, that was exactly my thought reading this ‘news’ item that women are living longer than men. Has that not always been the case? Now they are trying to find out why and the next thought to my mind was, “So you can do what with the information?” Call me a cynic but when it comes to some scientific endeavours, when we just

The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part IV

Mama’s Girl Ginny’s mother’s facial expression changed from genuine interest to one of pain. She wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders and led her inside to the sofa. As they sat, more tears rolled down Ginny’s face and she tried to bury her head in her hands. Her mother watched as her confident, beautiful daughter crumpled into a pile of tears and sobs. Something was very wrong. “Sweetie what happened?” She asked as she brushed the stray hair away from her daughter’s wet face. “It was awful. They mocked

The Unfortunate Life Of An Interesting Woman – Part III

The Newsroom The office was full of smoke. Ginny coughed as she walked into the haze. She could see that the walls were lined with bookshelves and there were boxes and loose sheets of paper all over the room. On the desk in front of her was the newest copy of the newspaper with red marks all over it. She felt a sense of excitement but was also a bit intimidated. As she looked at the man sitting behind the desk, she rallied her inner strength and stuck out her