Lust: The Last Sin

Along With Gluttony Lust is defined as a “very strong sexual desire.” The conversations this month have focused on the seven deadly sins and virtues. We have covered all but two of sins – lust and gluttony. The order was not intentional. Contributors decided how they wished to take part in the month-long conversation and they left this one to me. Wonder why? While we normally associate gluttony with food and in some cases material things, lust is a natural partner for the purposes of concluding our conversation on sins.


Security, Spouse Or Sex? Which Is #1?

Depends On Your Priority When this post on the three S’s, security, spouse and sex was first published in 2005, I was on a treadmill for a couple of years. No, not the one that customarily comes to mind, especially to you exercise buffs. Anyone who saw me then and even now, know that exercise has the least priority on my list – sad as that may be. Before those emails start coming, questioning me about my arguments for self-care – let me just say, “I know.” Ironically, at the

Conversations On Buying Sex And The Women Who Sell It

Inconvenient Conversations We will be starting a series next week on prostitution or if you prefer, sex work. It will not be for the faint at heart. What we will be covering are the realities about why and how women become prostitutes. It will be done in our style – “Insightful, Inspiring and In-depth,” never judgmental but clearly offering views that might not fit the stereotypical ones. Two Contributors will help walk us through this topic: Katelyn Roth, who lives in the United States and advised me that she will

2 Women’s Health Issues And Your Sex Life

Straight Talk About Sex Until reading an article yesterday, it never crossed my mind how health challenges, specific to women, may have serious effects on our sex lives. When I formed the DOS Facebook Group, it was clearly stated that the conversations were not only secret but for “big women.” In my country of origin, Jamaica, that would actually be “big ooman,” and “big” was really redundant as “ooman” on its own means that you are a certain age and experience level. This blog, while open to members of the

Sex: Bet That Woke You Up!

Sex and breasts are topical today. Tuesday, June 2, 2015: This day is marked as International Sex Workers Day. This is the day where people like Lynda Leigh are praised for the work they do, and the world is made aware of the protections that people in this industry still need. Many would not have known this, however, as a woman, a child of a sex worker (now deceased) and a person very much interest in the lives and way of living of other women, it is something that is