Pakistan Taboo: Palace or Prison?

Women At The ‘Top’ Of The Sex Trade For those who did not read my last post in this series, prostitution in Pakistan is illegal. It is riddled with dangers and risks for the sex workers. This is my second article on this topic that is very much a taboo in Pakistan. My last article was a story of a low-end prostitute (a woman belonging to the lower class) who was sold into the sex trade by deceit, only to languish for the rest of her life in the underbelly

Sex Trafficking: Today’s Slavery

Welcome to Wichita, Sex Trafficking Capitol of the US Though I now live in Southeast Kansas where I go to school, I grew up in Overland  Park—a suburb of Kansas City—where, on the surface, the biggest problem faced by the populace is which brand of sparkling water to buy. My family was perfectly middle class, but I went to the “rich kid” high school and lived next to the rich neighborhood. Because of its proximity to the golf course, it was called Nottingham by the Green—we called in Snottingham. Many

Conversations On Buying Sex And The Women Who Sell It

Inconvenient Conversations We will be starting a series next week on prostitution or if you prefer, sex work. It will not be for the faint at heart. What we will be covering are the realities about why and how women become prostitutes. It will be done in our style – “Insightful, Inspiring and In-depth,” never judgmental but clearly offering views that might not fit the stereotypical ones. Two Contributors will help walk us through this topic: Katelyn Roth, who lives in the United States and advised me that she will

Sex: Bet That Woke You Up!

Sex and breasts are topical today. Tuesday, June 2, 2015: This day is marked as International Sex Workers Day. This is the day where people like Lynda Leigh are praised for the work they do, and the world is made aware of the protections that people in this industry still need. Many would not have known this, however, as a woman, a child of a sex worker (now deceased) and a person very much interest in the lives and way of living of other women, it is something that is