Ending The Sexualised Lifestyle

Make A Choice There are times in life when you have to make choices based on what some call principle. Personally, I prefer to describe such decisions as life-choices. Over the years, on a very personal level, I have had to make such decisions and the one that comes to mind today has to do with the sexualised lifestyle. Almost 11 years ago, on January 28, 2005, I wrote a post on my first ever blog about such a life-choice – having to do with whether to stay on a

Prostitution In Pakistan: The Stories

Battered, Bruised And Alone She walks down the dark alleyways in the early hours of the morning. Drained and half dead, edgy and nervous, wrapped in a sheet of cloth half covering her face, the corner of which she holds in her teeth. Her breath still has the stench of alcohol she was made to drink last night and her face lightly bruised. Walking briskly to avoid the attention of the early morning police constables standing by the corner, heading towards a shanty town in the midst of Karachi, she

Sex Trafficking: Today’s Slavery

Welcome to Wichita, Sex Trafficking Capitol of the US Though I now live in Southeast Kansas where I go to school, I grew up in Overland  Park—a suburb of Kansas City—where, on the surface, the biggest problem faced by the populace is which brand of sparkling water to buy. My family was perfectly middle class, but I went to the “rich kid” high school and lived next to the rich neighborhood. Because of its proximity to the golf course, it was called Nottingham by the Green—we called in Snottingham. Many