Why Hot Rice Is Not Good For You

It Will Burn Your Tongue Have you ever been in such a hurry, probably extremely hungry as well, and heated up some rice or plated some as soon as it was done cooking, shoved a forkful in your mouth without allowing it to cool? Painful right? Rice and jackass are the subjects of our Tuesday Thought© this week and they both speak to the “sin” (missing of the mark, mistake) we are focussing on this – anger. Since the start of May, we have looked at the seven deadly sins


Tender Years Of Our Lives

In The Beginning Our conversation on the seven deadly sins and the noble virtues continues this week and as with the two previous weeks, it begins with my story of sins and virtues in my life.  This is part goes back to what I call the “Tender Years.” Editing and republishing this part of the story took me back to memories I had buried. As I typed the words written some years ago, I was transported to another time and place.  Pulling away from the original and re-reading what was


Patience Is So Much More

But What Is Patience? When you look up patience in the dictionary, there are a few slight variations on the meaning. And, if you ask different people what they think patience is, I am sure you will get even more. Patience is hard to nail down. As someone who is not naturally patient, I can tell you that I have struggled with the definition for my entire life. As a child, when I was told to be patient, I did what most children do. I was quiet and waited. But