Scams: 3 Ways How To Stop Being The Victim Of Scammers

Stop Being The Victim! Scams – most of us have been scammed. You might prefer swindled, cheated or betrayed. It has happened to the majority of us at one point or another in our lives. These episodes usually involve a close friend, relative, a lover, a neighbourhood con artist or even a fraudulent pastor. Yes, you read correctly – pastor, minister of religion. Scammers. That is a word that my writing assistant does not recognise. So the red squiggly line appears beneath, screaming “warning, incorrect spelling or no such word

Wellness News: Disgraced Blogger And Bankrupt Seniors

The Truth, The Whole Truth… One lesson that I constantly drummed into my daughter in her younger years was never to tell a lie. From as early as she could understand what I was harping on about, she would hear me say, “It is better to tell the truth the first time and we will figure it out, whatever it is!” It was a lesson that took me long to learn and frankly there are still days that it challenges me. A tiny, white lie can do no harm we