Why You Should Embrace Being Alone

Lonely or Alone? Alone versus lonely, a difference that many people never understand as they are so busy crowding and keeping in their lives people who can never give them what they truly seek – themselves. It is a long weekend here in Canada – Labour Day Weekend – and since 5:00 a.m., I have basked in my alone-ness. Although my quietude has been unceremoniously disrupted, as been happening more frequently recently despite my expressed dissatisfaction with the noise level, my heart still sings with joy being alone. There was

Rainy Saturday Special: Breadmaking, Small Business And Tattoos

A Saturday Without Kitten Saturday mornings into afternoons have become bonding time for my granddaughter and I but, alas, this week that will not be the case. Kitten, as I affectionately call her, will be spending not just today but the entire August Long Weekend, in the arms of her parents. She recently got not one but five teeth and is so enamored with dental hygiene that my guess is she will spending most of her mornings doing that. While, her lonely but not bored Glamma will be making bread!

1 New And 2 Old-School Saturday Morning Cartoons

Blessings of Grandchildren Regular readers know that my life elevated to a previously unimagined level of my when my granddaughter arrive last year Canada Day – July 1. Mahalia was born prematurely. She was five weeks early and later reports from the obstetrician-surgeon were that had we brought my daughter into the hospital even one day later, we would have lost Li-Li. That would have been more than anyone of us could bear and it would have also been a continuing of a cycle in my family, on my mother’s