How 11 People Offered To Teach But Only 1 Transformed

Abundance of Energy My Dad shared a conversation from his youth with me that I have reflected on for many years. It still sits top of mind for me. He first shared it with me when I was just 12 years old. I had just started my first stand-alone business. Previously, I had a paper route (grew it from 27 to 58 customers in 20 months), shovelled snow, successfully did door-to-door sales and lots of other odd jobs. However, I never had a stand-alone business where I was in charge

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Spiritual Conspiracy: Peace And Love

Meeting People From Around Our World Previously published on September 11, 2014 The first time I left Jamaica, in fact the first time I boarded an aircraft, was at the age of 18 on my way to the former Soviet Union. Nothing could have ready me for the next seven years. I knew that at the end of my time in one of the coldest parts of the world, I would be the holder of a Master’s degree in International Relations but what about all the other things? A husband,