Consciousness And Road Blocks

Set Your Intentions I first met Rick during my last semester of college. I was bound and determined to have a job before graduation. It was fixed in my consciousness. I figured why wait to graduate and compete with all the other thousands of students who would be graduating at the same time. Start now! So in December (I was going to complete the program in April and graduate in late June) I started researching who I wanted to work for upon graduation. I boldly drew up my list of

Life Lessons, Karma Or Crappy Coincidences?

Really? This Is A Lesson? Michael H. Ballard, a man of resilience, will be the featured Contributor today and as I read his piece again, doing some formatting, finding pictures, etc to complement it before posting later this afternoon, several thoughts were buzzing in my mind. The central point was – life lessons, are they things that just happen to us from which we learn or are they fated, destiny coordinated by life to correct our willful ways? With me, one question always leads to a million so as I

Lifetime Lessons From A Grade School Teacher

Lessons That Have Served A Lifetime Dedicated to Miss Doris M. Patton and teachers everywhere who changes lives daily. The intensity of  our conversation was and is still a very positive experience as I reflect on it. I can remember talking with my Mom (she was working at the kitchen table doing food prep) about starting to attend public school like it happened yesterday. My Mom, Dawn, was very pleased that her first-born was heading off for his first day in Grade One. I too was very excited and pleased.

The Scourge of Homelessness

There’s An App For That When I first saw the release about this app, tears actually came to my eyes – “WeShelter App – Tap To Help The Homeless.” My love affair with the Internet started many, many years ago and as I shared on my former blog, my “first” was a massive desktop – laptops were not even conceived yet – with a black screen and orange typeface. It was an hand-me-down computer from my then partner’s sister. The love was instant and hardly anything could drag me away

How To Bounce Back From Life’s Big Stuff Events

Why Does Resiliency Matter? Resiliency is starting to get more and more attention. Personal resilience helps us stay healthier, get better in school, have happier relationships, experience more joy and do better in our jobs. Family resilience also offers that and makes for better neighbours and safer communities. But, what is it? Resilience is our ability to “bounce back” from adversity. Life’s BIG Stuff events that we all have happened to us eventually. Death in the family, loss of a job, divorce, poor performance at work or school, chronic illness,

Wednesday Women’s News: Heroin, Short Skirts & Living Longer

Women Are Living Longer – So What? Have you ever read or heard an item of news and thought to yourself, “Tell me something I don’t know?” Well, that was exactly my thought reading this ‘news’ item that women are living longer than men. Has that not always been the case? Now they are trying to find out why and the next thought to my mind was, “So you can do what with the information?” Call me a cynic but when it comes to some scientific endeavours, when we just

The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman – Part IV

Mama’s Girl Ginny’s mother’s facial expression changed from genuine interest to one of pain. She wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders and led her inside to the sofa. As they sat, more tears rolled down Ginny’s face and she tried to bury her head in her hands. Her mother watched as her confident, beautiful daughter crumpled into a pile of tears and sobs. Something was very wrong. “Sweetie what happened?” She asked as she brushed the stray hair away from her daughter’s wet face. “It was awful. They mocked