Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Lost Meaning That word is used a lot on television and in the movies. Maybe it is just me but I believe that the word intimacy has lost its meaning. Now, mainly used as a euphemism for sex, intimacy seems to be sought after for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Some of us have looked for intimacy too quickly from paramours or friends that ended up stabbing us in the back or pushing us away. Some of us are desperate for intimacy yet remain guarded,


5 Affirmations For Intersecting Lives

Because They Are Not Accidents Relationships can be beautiful, troublesome, wonderful or a pain in the rear and heart. When you are in one and your life is intersecting with another, meshing and blending seamlessly, you will most certainly be on top of the world. Then there are those relationships that cause you so much angst that you wonder what did you see in the person at all, at anytime. “Life is a web of intersections and choices. Your 1st choice is to recognize an intersection. Your 2nd choice is


There’s Distance Between Us, Great!

Loving From Afar Youth is truly overrated. No, not saying that because an 18 year old thinks that I am over the hill. When I was 18 it was my firm belief that 30 was the ‘pensionable’ age. Living beyond that seemed pointless to me. That was until Life happened and taught me many blessons, including the fact that long distance relationships are perfect for me. Up until my 35th or so year, it was my constant cry that “I can’t do long distance relationships!” Tried it at least twice


Filling The Dad-Sized Hole In Your Life

This Man I Call Dad It was just the three of us for as long as I can remember. The memories I have of a loving caring father are pieced together only from what my aunt has told me. Devoted in the first year of my twin sister and my life, the only year of my life that my parents were married, my Dad would hold us, feed us and play with us. But these fabricated memories are like pictures of me looking on at a man holding babies in

Emotional Filters: 4 Simple Life Hacks

Life Can Be Messy There is a popular quote from which many posters have been made and widely circulated across social media. It sounds catchy and has that 1-2-3 punch line. Yet, it is hard not to wonder how many people really get it? “You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to.” It has been attributed to every known celebrity, guru and motivational speaker. However, according to several sources the real author is unknown. What else is hardly known is that this quote is about filters through

Indian woman

Who Else Wants To End The Rape Culture?

Moving Forward A few weeks ago, discussing ideas for future posts with the Contributors to this blog, I mentioned to Robert Turner, one of two male members of this blog team that I would like to move a story forward. This is a phrase from my past – maybe it is still being used in newsrooms today – which means to review an older story or a previously published one for new insights, leads and/or perspectives since it was last in the news. While this is clearly not a newsroom

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The 2 Dreaded Questions Single Women Still Face

An Incredible Woman, Who Happens To Be Single Sitting across from me was a woman I have known since childhood. She is an incredible athlete, a medical school student and full of energy. She had come back to Minnesota for the weekend between two of her hospital rotations and I had the pleasure of seeing her twice. The first time I saw her was at her childhood home. She was surrounded by friends and family and seemed to enjoy jumping from conversation to conversation. She filled me in on her schedule, her favourite

A Practical Spirituality For The Busy Woman

How To Deal With Sympathy Addicts And Attention Seekers

Spotting An Attention Addict They will vociferously deny that they are addicts or attention seekers, after all they are only on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms half the time that we are logged on. Attention seekers are always the last to know or at least confess their game. If you are ready to listen to a litany of complaints, ask a sympathy addict how they are doing and sit your butt down for the answer. This will be no drive-by “I am doing well thank you for