Friday Roundup: Relationship, Kids And Cougars

I Love Fridays Friday has meant many things to me over the years. As a child, it was the end of a nerve-wracking week in a crammed classroom of 50+ students, hiding behind my fellow students so that the teacher would not call on me to recite the timetables. I really hated Mathematics and to a large extent still do! When I started working and was on my own, hiding was the last thing that was on my mind. Partying was and a local disco provided the dance floor. The

Relationship Tips For Single Women

Relationships And Men Today and tomorrow, business on this blog will be handled by our men – Robert Turner and then Michael H. Ballard. Both gentlemen will be looking at “R” words, coincidentally. Michael will give us another look at Resiliency tomorrow when he shares a story of one of his earliest teachers on the topic. Robert will turn his attention and bring ours to the male perspective on relationships, specifically dating. With more and more people in the United States, and I think it would be a true assessment

You Win Or Learn 3 Life Lessons

Sometimes You Win… First Published on September 16, 2014 Managing people tends to be, at least in my experience, a lot more about working with varying, conflicting and when you are lucky, complementary personalities. Some time ago, one of the women of the Daughters of Sheba Facebook group that I host sent me a message in which she shared her admiration of my skill to keep our group together with all of our foibles, quirks, perspectives, etc. I was humbled by her remark as it was an affirmation of my

Do Men Find It Harder To Trust After A Breakup?

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? If you have ever been through one of those dreadful relationships that ends in a breakup then you have certainly had that feeling of hesitation whether or not to trust someone again. Researchers term it “pistanthrophobia” the fear of trusting someone again after being hurt in love. I have been through it and so have many other people that I know, and as anyone who has been through a breakup will consent, it is a very complex situation to overcome. Actually, I decided

Monday Motivation Spotlights Relationships Today

Facts Are… Nearly half (44)% of the US population is single A man has an hour to make a first impression on a woman A woman has 15 minutes to impress a man Money is a big factor in a relationship for 88% of women These are four of the “facts” of relationships today as published on Buzzit. Check it out and share with me in our comments below whether you agree or disagree with these and the other six. One thing that is for sure – relationships are very

Week’s News Roundup – The Best And The Most Madding

Weekly Roundup What a week it has been – chock-full of news, some that got me and many others mad. Others were great for comic relief and then there were the informative bits, particularly for women’s health. Friday is my lazy day of the week. I go to my paid job earlier in the day and there is only one post here. This is it – the Weekly Roundup post, in which we highlight the happenings in the news that puts a cap on the week as well as point

3 Body Enhancers To Catch His Eyes…Or Not?

If I See You Walking Down The Street… I love walking the streets late in the evenings and many a night of the week and just about any time of day you can find yourself surrounded by different people who portray different perspective. We are living in a world that is currently designed for the passionate and the driven, so we men are constantly surrounded by women in various stages of maturity, dressing, and intelligence. In those exact moments before they walk past, I bring myself to reflect on attraction and

Tuesday Wellness: Relationship, Strippers & Women’s Pay

Relationship Camp – Training Women? For the life of me sometimes I simply do not understand how men think! Check out this article on Return of Kings basically promoting female domination. On Tuesdays, attention is focussed here on wellness: what it means to be “well”, the various aspects of it and how to get and stay well. Today, as we explore the connection between sexuality and wellness, relationship is a necessary side topic. According to this article on these noble gentlemen’s website, 3 Areas Where You Must Train Women How