You Think I Am Stupid?

Because I Stay Since the beginning of March, we have turned our attention to intimate relationships. We examined various aspects of how you are in relationships, what could help improve your intimate relationships and asking yourself whether you are in fact in a spiritual partnership. Reviewing all these posts to come to a conclusion as we approach the end of the month, I wondered whether anyone thought we might have suggested you behave as if you are stupid? That is putting it bluntly. That is the furthest thing from our


Arranged Marriages Pakistan Style

There’s More To Them They say marriages are made in heavens. But, in reality, there is more to marriages than just simple heavenly connection. This “more to marriages” is obvious in societies where marriages have deep social connotations and they are not merely a union of two people at their own sweet will. That social connection is most visible in arranged marriages. Recently, during the traditional marriage season in Pakistan, which starts September each year and ends during Spring, roughly March); millions of couples tied the knot. Being a social


Bittersweet: A Tasty Experience

Troubling Words Some words simply cause me problems and quite often downright grief. Over my years of blogging on and off, I have shared a few of those. “Responsibility,” and “Surrender,” come to mind. Bittersweet is another. The trouble I have had with these words had to do with interpretation. Fact is, everyone brings their life story to bear on the way they use certain words or phrases. For some, ‘responsibility’ means doing the right thing for other people. At the same time, it could very well mean (as I

50, Single And Loving Life!

Marriage? Shacking Up? Not Likely Years ago, when my longest long-term relationship ended abruptly I wanted my life to do the same. When it was not doing so of its own volition, I took matters into my own hands. Twice. Now, almost nine years later, I am single, almost 51 years old and loving life as never before. Sure, I have had moments when I’ve wanted to use sites like Doublelist to find some friends or even build a relationship with someone. But I’ve never really had the courage, so

Relationship, It Is What Matters Most

Our Relationship With You Every Friday, we present a roundup of the best and most read posts of the week and for every time that I do so, a smile comes across my face. Why? What interests you, our readers, is uppermost in my mind, right along with the aim of this blog, which is to be “Always Inspiring, Insightful and In-depth.” I take that commitment seriously as this is as much about enhancing our presence on social media as it is about truly helping even one on every given

The Body Image Question: Athletic Women, Hot Or Not Your Type?

What A Guy Wants Are guys put off by athletic or muscular women? Many men prefer beautiful champions, but whether a man likes a sportswomen is a question of choice. A report that I recently read stated that the depiction of women in sports, highlighting the areas of appearance and physique, puts added pressure on them. As a result of rigorous training, the bodies of these women change and when this happens it is a matter of what a man sees when he looks at them. Some men have labelled

couple in helthy relationship, role reversal

Are They Dedicated Or Dumb? Men Who Stand By Their Women

Stand By Your Man Is The ‘Norm’ Why it is seen as a sign of weakness or unnatural way to be – I do not know, but what I do know is there are respectable men who stand by their women. Since time immemorial, women are expected to stand by their men in whatever capacity possible as they are considered to the backbone to every man’s ambition. However, have you ever heard anything said about the ambitious woman? Who will stand by her? In modern times, many high-profile women such

Discover The Joys Of Being A Single Woman

Wellness Tips For All The Single Ladies “All the single ladies (All the single ladies) All the single ladies Now put your hands up Up in the club, we just broke up I’m doing my own little thing You decided to dip but now you wanna trip…” (Beyoncé Knowles, Single Ladies) Okay, fine you are not into clubbing, neither am I, but we are single and as Beyoncé continued in this extremely popular song, “I could care less what you think I need no permission, did I mention.” We need