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6 Relationship Goals You Need To Set

Direction And Stability “The way I am running is not aimlessly; the way I am aiming my blows is so as not to be striking the air.” Setting relationship goals shows direction and stability. They create a sense of security and certainty. Have you differentiated goals within your relationship? These relationship goals do not necessarily include material possessions but uncomplicated ways that will increase the longevity of your union and love for each other. Six Relationship Goals For You Focus on being a better person Prior to setting any other


Married But Alone? What Went Wrong?

Single Life Might Have Been Better There are two Jamaica proverbs or sayings about relationships and being married that really appeal to me for different reasons.  When I was about 10 or so years old, Jamaica’s National Folk Singers came to my school – well a section of the group. One of the many songs they did stuck with me for many years and after every breakup, it would come to mind and roll off my lips only to be forgotten as soon as another potential partner caught my attention:

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Letting Go: A Roundup Of How To’s

What We Know For Sure A few weeks ago, one of my best friends and I quite accidentally came up on the topic of letting go. There really are no accidents so let me correct that. We were discussing doing cross promotion of her and her husband’s radio show and this blog. Beverly Sukie-Martin and her husband are no strangers to these virtual pages as I have featured them in an earlier post on “A Love Like This.” Their love story has inspired me from the first time that I

letting go

Memories, Don’t Leave Like People Do

Why? Why Now? I did not think about my pursuer for a few days since her last message. At least not actively except for asking myself on my 45-minutes drive those early Fall mornings, “Why now?”  Trolling the memories that I held of her, I kept asking myself “Why doesn’t she just leave me alone?”  My annoyance grew as I recalled opening the new email from her and the sting of her words zapped me in the face. The first thing was her calling me Mrs. McPherson*. Why the hell that

Letting Go: Is It Too Late? A Short Story

Ghosts From My Past As many of you know, I’m a big fan of writing. I’ve loved it ever since I was little and have always found it a great way to relax. I often look for short story writing prompts and get carried away with my own story. So, I’ve decided to post a short story I’m writing that is very personal to me. I hope you enjoy. A woman is pursuing me. She will not let up. Try as I may to give her the cold shoulders, she


Letting Go: Easier Said Than Done

Frozen Trying To Let It Go? My granddaughter, who I lovingly named Kitten while she was still in her mother’s womb, has become famous at her daycare for her love of dance. The child most certainly has rhythm and she will move in time with any beat. From Beethoven to hip hop, this now 15-month old will sway, bop and shake her legs once the music starts to play. She started daycare about four months now and she has earned a new nickname – The Dancer – from the caregivers.

Wanted: A Man To Pay The Bills

Money Talk And… There are mornings when there is no post idea and no articles from the Contributors. Then, as my fingers hit the keyboard, sentences begin to flow. Today’s conversation about “Wanted: Man To Pay The Bills,” is different as this was a planned post, one that I asked three of our female Contributors to take part in creating. We have talked about money, finances, relationships and even sex generally and sex in the context of those who sell it. Depending on your perspective – a conversation about whether

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Wellness And Your Next Relationship

The Next Big Thing Wellness is the new cool. It is a hot commodity and this trend has grown for a few years now. It is more than about being fit, granted that is the focus of many disciples of the “wellness movement.” “Paul Pilzer in his book ‘The Wellness revolution’ predicted that wellness might become a USD200 billion worth industry – from health to beauty to food and medicine. And his expectations are becoming true, at least in terms of newly widespread lifestyle approaches. It is enough if we