Rainy Saturday Special: Breadmaking, Small Business And Tattoos

A Saturday Without Kitten Saturday mornings into afternoons have become bonding time for my granddaughter and I but, alas, this week that will not be the case. Kitten, as I affectionately call her, will be spending not just today but the entire August Long Weekend, in the arms of her parents. She recently got not one but five teeth and is so enamored with dental hygiene that my guess is she will spending most of her mornings doing that. While, her lonely but not bored Glamma will be making bread!

Saturday News: Same-Sex Marriage & Other Celebrations

Sleepy Saturdays Saturdays is my sleep-in day – if you call not getting up until 6:00 a.m. sleeping in. This Saturday is already turning out to be a busy one with errands to run, babysitting Kitten, my granddaughter, for a few hours and all the news to cover before getting both of those done. She will be one-year-old on Canada Day and we are in the throes of planning the celebration of her early arrival. Right in the middle of that will be Independence Day in the USA so, continuing