Guilt Trap: How To Escape It

Main Course Growing up, there were certain foods on the menus that my mother cooked for us. Some were my favourites.  Ackee & saltfish (when she could afford the latter), curried chicken served with rice and peas and of course, oxtail and beans.  Jamaican cuisine, if I may say so, is quite enticing and these dishes are among the best tasting. However, there were other side dishes on my mother’s menu. The one that would stay on my palate for ages was guilt. Mind you, she was not a Catholic


Fitness Goals: Striving Towards Them

The Most Popular Promise I know the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. It is also the one that most people give up the quickest. But this past winter I hit my heaviest weight of my life. And I was farthest from my fitness goal. Though I was still working out and eating “healthy-ish” I got to the point where I was uncomfortable in my skin. To get into the best shape possible and be healthy, you may want consider some Fitness Trainers, in


You Must Be Willing In Order To Have It

Broken Promises Anyone can make a promise. The real question is whether they will actually keep it. In my books, some of the most painful broken promises are the ones we make to ourselves. You truly have to be dedicated to your personal growth and willing to do what it takes to keep your resolutions, if that is your preferred name for the promises you made. Those resolutions, intentions or promises you made, say on New Year’s Eve, came about because you either have dreamed about attaining those specific goals.


I Promise: To Be Fully Free

Mission Accomplished It is one of the many promises to myself that I have kept: to be fully free. Now 51 years old, my journey has taken me across many of the places that we call countries. This is the best time of my life. The period of full personal freedom. This was a promise made to myself six years ago. At the time, my blog was hosted elsewhere and under a different name. The article that I wrote highlighting this promise is republished today as part of our current


Promise To Encourage Yourself Today

Challenging As It Is New Year’s resolutions are different for everyone. And to be honest, I never really gave mine much thought throughout the year. But this year has been challenging in really good but hard ways. I have made a lot of promises to myself and have done my best to keep them. It has been a challenge to encourage myself. I have been pushing myself to grow more and take more chances. As I mentioned previously, I have been entering writing contests as one of my new years’


Promises: Do Not Be Fooled

This Is Not About The U.S. Elections! Remembering the last time an article was posted here that caused confusion among some readers. They were somehow fooled into believing that it was a political post when, in fact, it was not. As the idea of today’s Tuesday Thought came to me and how to present it – the voice in my head (I have only one) said to me, “Be careful that your readers are not fooled again into thinking that you are discussing the election campaign in the U.S.” No,


Happy Anniversary To Us

One Year “An anniversary is where you look back at having either fulfilled Cinderella or Lord of the Flies.” ? Fernando A. Torres Looking back, this one year anniversary of ours is not a fulfillment of either but it most certainly is a celebration of keeping a promise made. Blogging on and off for over 10 years up to 2015, there was never a definitive focus for any of the blogs that I have created and managed. They were all literally online journals. They were ‘places’ where the outpourings of


I Promise: To Take Chances

Mid-Year Reflection To say that the first half of this year was eventful would be a huge understatement. After realizing that I would not be returning to grad school in the Fall of 2015, I started feel like my purpose in life was more elusive than ever. I have spent the past four months trying to weed out my other interests (there are many) and figure out which could be the basis of a satisfying career. Taking chances was what came to mind. It has been hard, scary, trying and