99 Problems And You Gotta Embrace All Of Them

One Less Would you believe that my reading of the book, Enthusiasm Makes The Difference, is still in progress? It has been a few weeks now but this time around I am savouring every page of this masterpiece by Norman Vincent Peale. Sitting on the train every morning heading into downtown Edmonton is the only time that I read it. Being a morning person, that is when information, ideas and inspiration are best understood and discerned by me. So, as my mind mused about what the result of my recent


What To Do When Trouble Comes

Those Pesky Challenges “Wen trouble tek yu pickney shut fit yu!” Trouble – that is what the Jamaican saying I am discussing with you in Tuesday Thought© today covers. It is one of my favourites as it so succinctly describes your state of mind when a life challenge feels more than you can bear. Every Tuesday, I share a Jamaica proverb with you – did you catch last week’s? Preparing Tuesday Thought© earlier, it struck me that there was way more to this proverb. It is not uncommon to hear