My Daughter’s Journey With Prematurity

A Mother’s Intuition Temporarily staying at their place, I left my daughter for work that late June morning. She was not feeling on top form. She was almost 35 weeks pregnant and the pain in her legs and lower back refused to go away. In fact, only a couple of weeks or less earlier, I had noticed that her neck had darkened, looking a sickly black-blue. It reminded me of when I was pregnant with my first child 28 years ago and a similar colouring overtook my neck. I mentioned

Warning: Rising Abuse of Pregnant Women & Child Poverty

Increasing Risk To Women And Children “The most pressing need now is providing help to the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, children, the handicapped/those with special needs, women, people in remote villages, and individuals of a lower caste. These groups are often neglected because they usually the weakest and unable to search for help.” Those are the opening words on Hope Worldwide‘s website and I borrowed them as they are more appropriate than any I could think of to describe what is urgently needed to support and protect women