Prayer: Is Anyone Listening?

The Question “Is there a reason I’m not healing Or am I learning from this pain? I have a little trouble kneeling I don’t know what to believe I’m ready to question That life is a blessing Give me a sign, am I following blind? Is there anyone listening? Is there anyone listening? I don’t know” Gabrielle Alpin, Ready to Question Prayer – A First Instinct There have been times in my life when my first instinct has been to bow my head and bring my hands up, clasped in

6 Other Ways To Attend Church

Take Me To Church? Did you go to church this morning or are you a Saturday Sabbath observer? Worse yet, some would say, are you among the growing number who do not attend a church, synagogue, temple or mosque? No, this is not a poll and one will not be taken on this topic of attendance at religious institutions. What more interests me is this: Did you pray today? The ‘smart’ ones among you will know that this is one of my trick questions. Trick in as much as: There