Food Banks: Help Up Or Handout?

Necessary Evil For some (perhaps more than any of us realizes), relying on food banks to provide food, or supplement what is provided by a dwindling income, is a necessary evil. I say evil because of the stigma that surrounds those who require these services. Though most of us would say we have nothing but sympathy and support for those who have fallen on hard times, the general message is still that there is no small amount of shame that surrounds asking for charity. Because they are completely reliant on

Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go…

Protect The Children My passion runs high on several issues and one of them is the protection of children. That may be due to several things including: The sexual and physical abuses that were very much a part of my childhood Working first hand with both men and women who have not healed the wounds of childhood abuse and ended up being incarcerated Interacting daily with several persons who are still living the trauma of their past but masking their pain except with me Contemplating today’s posts on poverty among children

Wellness: Raising Girls Out Of Poverty

Woman are b****** and ho’s. That is the story fed to many girls for years now. It is one that is reinforced daily in many songs, television mini-series and scandals. Another lie is that women are bitches toward each other. That is a general statement that some make. True as it may be that women can be competitive toward each other, for various reasons and more outwardly than men, but the contrary is also true. Something tells me that the bitches story – and the bossy one as well –