Think And Thrive This Year!

The Power Of The Mind During my last programme of studies, one that was undertaken at a Catholic university, faith and reason where up for plenty of discussion. There were those of the view that faith was all we needed. Then there were those who felt reason was more important. And, you guessed it, I was in the middle – faith AND reason are bedfellows. My spirituality and philosophy to that point were grounded in the teaching of James Allen that “as a man think, so is he.” Why my

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3 Leading Questions To Major Life Changes

Successful Boat Building We each model success according to the ideals we hold for our lives and against the standards set by the community, society and even country that we live in. Success is most often defined, delineated and described in terms of material belongings, what you are able to gather, how much you can spend, where and with whom you party and the job title more than the real function. If that “floats your boat,” as an old saying goes, then the last thing on my mind is to