Donkey, Fool And You

And We’re Not Talking Politics Not meaning to get involved or comment on the strange race going on now in the United States, granted it is hard not to wonder how things will end. The members of the party that has a donkey as its symbol might just be kicking themselves, trying to decided between the highly experienced Hillary Clinton and the goodly Bernie Sanders. While on the other side, the elephant in the room of the Republican party is Donald Trump in live and living colour. By the way,

Politics, Fear And Women: Our Week

Youthful Politics Growing up in a politically fervent time in Kingston, Jamaica, you would not be blamed if you were to describe me as a young activist. As early as my 9th birthday, I was holding my own and passionately so, in the debates about politics: Cuba’s place in the world, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) actions on my island home, communism and free education for all to name a few. By my 18th birthday, my level of activism stepped up to official membership in the youth arm of one