Enough: When Is It Never Enough?

What More Do We Need? First written towards the end of 2015, this is a deeply reflective conversation. Although we are only at the mid-year point,  there is so much to consider.   With all the happenings in the news and around the world, the quiet question about enough comes sauntering through my mind. “What do you wish there was more of in the world?” Obviously, this is not a new question for me and something tells me neither is it for you. Three years ago, my readers and I participated in a

Hate Is Mounting And It Is Dangerous

A Different World I was born in 1973 and the world was comparatively a peaceful one, going by today’s standards. I saw the world in green. The rain drops were more numerous and cultural blending was more clear than what I see today. Immigration was easier and cross-cultural acceptance was higher than what I see for my kids in near future. As a teenager, I could never envision a world so full of division, cross-cultural obstacles and hate as I see today as a 40 something. A lot has changed

Peace Is Your Birthright!

Martin Luther King, Jr., And Peace The winter, so far, has been unseasonably warm across Canada. We have been enjoying temperatures that have caused many to now appreciate the effects of global warming. There still are those who deny this as something “real.” Whether it is real, a coincidence or Mother Nature self-correcting is not something that I am either willing or qualified to debate. Like my fellow Albertans, I have enjoyed the relative warmth to now and today, the mid-way point of January, will embrace the more seasonal temperatures

fall is a great time to cultivate patience

Be Still And Know: Practising Patience

Know Yourself Have you ever done a personality assessment on yourself?  The things that make you the person that you are and what others will observe about you? There are formal processes for doing this. One is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or there are free online tests such as the Jung Personality Test available here. I have gone through a few of these formal testings for various reasons, including employment. It was also necessary to do so as part of my chaplaincy training. So, I think that I have a handle

birds, beauty

Spiritual Conspiracy: Peace And Love

Meeting People From Around Our World Previously published on September 11, 2014 The first time I left Jamaica, in fact the first time I boarded an aircraft, was at the age of 18 on my way to the former Soviet Union. Nothing could have ready me for the next seven years. I knew that at the end of my time in one of the coldest parts of the world, I would be the holder of a Master’s degree in International Relations but what about all the other things? A husband,