Before I Die: 5 Life Lessons For My Granddaughter

Mahalia, My Kitten When this was first published, my granddaughter, Mahalia was almost 14-months old.  On July 1, 2014, she made a premature entrance and turned all our worlds around. No one would have convinced me that the day would come when I would be so in love with a grandchild. However, my Kitten, as I have called her since first seeing that ultrasound snapshot of her, has stolen, wrapped up and secured my heart. Due to her young age, genius as she might seem, I am sure Kitten will

Raising Children In Pakistan Today

Reflecting Society Values Children are the greatest assets of every human society and the future of a nation. Other than sharing the universal principle of love and care for children, every society has its peculiar set of circumstances and values to raise and teach their children. This depends largely on their culture, traditions, religion, social values and a score of other considerations. Pakistani society is no different. Ours is a nation of 220 million people and has a very diverse cultural heritage. With an over 98% Muslim population (converted from


Top 2 Reasons Why Men Fear Becoming Dads

Wanna Have A Baby? To be a dad or not to be a dad – remains one of the ultimate life questions. For men at least. We have all seen that look that flits across a woman’s face when she sees another woman and her newborn baby in the park and her thoughts goes to having a baby of her own. For men, it is a little different. Becoming a dad takes a lot of thought and every man has fears that need to be smoldered before he can take

Healing Parenting In Our Global Village

The Worst Fears Back in the day when I was a mother of a young girl, two of my greatest fears were: Sexual abuse, rape or molestation Teenage pregnancy Although I  was not a teenager when I had her – so that fear was not grounded in my personal reality – I was a survivor of childhood sexual molestation and rape as an adult woman. A a result, and without explaining the gory details, I watched my baby like a hawk! She could barely move out of my sight and

5 Things Every Son Wishes Mom Understood About Raising A Man

Mother And Son As they grew up, I watched my kids’ reactions change with time. Stepping into adulthood meant a different way of doing things. I recognised all this because I was once at that stage, but my wife found it hard understanding what it meant to no longer be raising her little baby but rather, a man. There are so many things every son wishes his mom understood about raising a man, and these they end up complicating things for kids and their parents. As with all developmental traits,

The 1 Cold Truth About Parenting

Parenting: Sacrifice or Fulfilling? Being my mother’s only child was not easy. All her expectations, hopes and dreams were placed squarely on my head and it was a very heavy load for a child to bear. Many times as she reprimanded me for my missteps or, worse yet, whipped my behind, she would list all the “sacrifices” she made for me, all the other dreams that she had to let vanish due to her responsibility to me. Thank heavens she had let some go because God knows I could not

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption Pt. II

Angry Mother, Scared Children Missy and Lily did apologize which seemed to make their mother relax. Though she seemed to be her happy and loving self again as they ate their dinner, the girls felt a little different. They felt wary of her. They did not know if that would happen again or how to avoid it. But as all little kids do, they brushed it off and continued to be themselves. At least they did until the next time, a few weeks later. This time it started with a

Bloom Amazingly! Smart Path To Personal Growth

Bloom Where You Are Planted Previously published on August 14, 2014 A few weeks ago, on one of our locally produced TV shows, there was a discussion with a group of brilliant students who will soon be entering secondary level schools. The host asked each student to describe their feelings about the school where they were placed. In Jamaica, we have a system that places students based on their grade at the last, Common Entrance, examinations in primary schools. The only girl on the panel of five, aged 12, declared