Parenting Today: How Are You Raising The Future

Everyday Celebration Of Parenting Every year at this time, in North America and other places today is celebrated as Mother’s Day. My personal view is that every day is a day to take even a minute and celebrate all who are parenting in some way shape or form. However, at the heart of days like today is the wish to make a special note and shout out, as they say, the celebrant. Author Robert A. Heinlein said this about mothers: “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”

5 Things Every Son Wishes Mom Understood About Raising A Man

Mother And Son As they grew up, I watched my kids’ reactions change with time. Stepping into adulthood meant a different way of doing things. I recognised all this because I was once at that stage, but my wife found it hard understanding what it meant to no longer be raising her little baby but rather, a man. There are so many things every son wishes his mom understood about raising a man, and these they end up complicating things for kids and their parents. As with all developmental traits,

The 1 Cold Truth About Parenting

Parenting: Sacrifice or Fulfilling? Being my mother’s only child was not easy. All her expectations, hopes and dreams were placed squarely on my head and it was a very heavy load for a child to bear. Many times as she reprimanded me for my missteps or, worse yet, whipped my behind, she would list all the “sacrifices” she made for me, all the other dreams that she had to let vanish due to her responsibility to me. Thank heavens she had let some go because God knows I could not

Adele’s Pattern: A Journey To Redemption

The Daily Grind Adele had had a long day. Her boss was on top of her about her reports that were late. She kept telling him that she did not have enough time to do all the work that he expected from her but she just kept getting the empty threat about firing her and finding someone faster. But Adele was good at her job. She knew it and knew that they could not find anyone as good as her.  Still, the day wore on her and her boss’ words

Are You Raising Super Entitled Or Well Children?

Parenting Style On Public Display There was a recent storm, in the media mainly, that seems to have blown over very quickly. Yet, the “eye” of that storm lingers among us, across many places in our world and very visible particularly in North American communities. Remember the story about a restaurateur who reportedly shouted at a child in her restaurant? Her story is not unique. There have been many business owners, customers in various business places and even employees of businesses who have or at least wanted to do the

Throwback Thursday News: Distracted Parenting

Back In The Day Parenting Do you remember a time when your parents’ eyes seemed as if they were everywhere? They never missed a beat, a step you took or a crush that you had? When mothers or fathers were at work or were not around for whatever reasons, no problem! There was an entire ‘village’ of watchers. In the country of my birth, these people were not mere watchers. They were “scolders’ and butt-whippers! A kid had very little chances of going truly wild around parents and their deputies.

3 Smart Ways To Kick Out Your Adult Children

Baby Birds Must Leave The Nest When my daughter was growing up, as early as she could understand, my then partner would tell her that come 18 she will be kicked out. Needless to say, this pissed me off immensely. When my daughter did move out a few months after her 18th birthday, I was mad as hell! She was only in her first year of University, pursuing a degree in Anthropology with the intention of later focussing on Egyptology. I was so proud of my baby girl and full