A Peek Into The Daily Lives Of 3 Pakistani Women

Why We Need To Know You might be wondering how and why it matters to know about the wellness and a day in the life of Pakistani women. Let me give you a little background. Ms Claudette (the amazing woman running this blog), very sweetly invited me to write an article for her readers related to the women of Pakistan. She said she wanted to introduce her readers to the depths and breadths of the lives of women around our world. I did that article  – “Wellness And Pakistani Woman:

Pakistani woman

Wellness And Pakistani Women: It’s A Class Thing

Unofficial Ambassador of Pakistani Women Today I have the feeling of being an ambassador and voice of the women of Pakistan. I am an  educated and aware woman of Pakistan. I am well-travelled and lucky to have interacted with many people of different cultures including some from Africa and Japan. Hailing from a traditional family, this has placed me among the women of the élite class in Pakistan. My movement vertically and horizontally across the social stratum of my country, allows me to accurately comment on the wellness of each